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Unilam EVA is a premium quality high specification proprietary cross linked EVA manufactured using Du Pont resin polymers.

Unilam EVA combines superior clarity with excellent security and acoustic properties and is available in a range of different roll sizes in both 0.38mm and 0.76mm thickness. We retain one of the largest stocks of EVA in the UK to provide guaranteed same / next day delivery.

Unilam EVA can be used in interior and exterior applications and is especially suited to exterior balcony / balustrade applications due to the highly water resistant nature of EVA, especially when compared to conventional PVB. Unilam EVA can be processed on a range of different ovens and we offer a comprehensive range of machinery options through our partner Sagertec at far lower investment costs than associated systems.

Edge cleaning of finished laminated panels is made substantially easier with our unique UNILAM Remover edge cleaning product. This proprietary formula is designed to inhibit the UNILAM EVA overspill from adhering to glass edges making cleaning / finished panel preparation substantially quicker and easier.

We offer full training and technical support on all aspects of EVA production. If you have a requirement for EVA laminating we have the solution!

Unilam EVA roll sizes available:

  • 1300mm x 80M
  • 1540mm x 80M
  • 2100mm x 80M
  • 2400mm x 80M

Unilam EVA film is tested and conforms to:

  • BS EN ISO 10140
  • EN12600
  • BS EN ISO 717
  • EN12543
  • ISO 3382
  • EN356
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